The Initial Assessment

Following the Initial Consultation, we generally do a Preliminary Assessment. We take what you have given us and do some basic research. What we are primarily looking for here are the availability of sources. We have a vast (and ever-increasing) array of repositories of primary source documents that may be relevant to your particular situation.

It is also primarily here where we may suggest a refinement of approaches and/or goals. Based on our assessment of available sources and the budget you have to work with, we may suggest, for example, focusing on certain family branches to pursue further, or maybe tracing your lineage back to a certain locale or place in time. On many occasions we have uncovered new directions or goals to pursue. We may also have questions for you based on what you have supplied.

Because every situation is unique, we mostly work with you on an hourly basis. Services can purchased in as small as one-hour blocks (with discounts for the purchase of larger blocks), although for the Initial Assessment you can generally expect a minimum of four hours but always based on the Initial Consultation. We provide you with an Initial Report and you can decide where to go from there.

If you have completed the Initial Consultation and want to really get going, let’s go!

Here are some stories and examples of what you might see as you uncover your past.